Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Seems like so much fun reading all the different styles and answers  from bloggers might as well Tag along and have a go on my first try. Foongpc my humble apology for my indirect answers beating round the bush using music & songs to blend with it and not meant to drive you and readers to go nuts or bananas but all for the fun of it

1.Najib vs Mahathir ~ WHO? See Me Feel Me.

2. Facebook vs Twitter ~ Facebook.

3. Lady Gaga vs Beyonce ~ Beyonce, Single Ladies dancing in pampers.

4. PJ vs KL ~ ‘Meet Me Halfway’ Black Eyed PEAS JAY.

5. iPhone vs Nexus One ~ Nexus One.

6. Blackberry vs HTC ~ Blackberry.

7. Firefox vs Google Chrome ~ Google Chrome.

8. Nikon vs Canon DSLR ~ Nikon.

9. sex vs sleep ~ I Don’t Like To SLEEP Alone, Paul Anka.

10. eating vs sex ~ sex.

11. call vs sms ~ sms.

12. sunny vs rainy ~ Sunny Beautiful Sunday.

13. werewolves vs vampires ~ werewolves, watch out for full Bad Moon Rising, hoooowlll...Creedence Clearwater Revival.

14. healthy & poor vs sick & rich ~ for better or for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to BLOG and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part.

15. cakes vs doughnuts ~ cake.

16. school days vs working days ~ school days. Sunday, Monday, Happy Days. Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days. Thursday, Friday, Happy Days. The Weekend comes, my cycle hums, ready to race to you.

17. dog vs cat ~ snoop dogg with xtra g.

18. single vs married ~ Single Ladies, Put a ring on it Chipmunks.

19. Malaysia vs Singapore ~ Malaysia.

20. China vs USA ~ American Pie, Don Mclean.

21. Paula Abdul vs Kara DioGuardi ~ Paula Abdul - Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow.

22. OldTown vs Papparich ~ The Old homeTown looks the same as I step down from the train and there’s to meet me is Mama & PAPPARICH. Its good to touch the Green Green Grass of Home, Tom Jones.

23. Fitness First vs Celebrity Fitness ~ After all the scrubbing, laundry, washing, mopping, ironing, cooking, babysitting you wanna Physical? Olivia Newton John.

24. driver vs passenger ~ passenger.

25. beautiful & dumb vs brainy & fat ~ beautiful & dumb.

26. handsome & egoistic vs ugly & rich ~ If I Were A RICH Man, yubby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dum can’t be that ugly got all the $$$ for plastic surgery.

27. insurance agent vs direct selling agent ~insurance agent.

28. horror movies vs comedies ~ comedies.

29. working for yourself vs working for others ~ be your own boss.

30. Avatar vs Lord Of The Rings ~ “I See You

31. bus vs taxi ~ BUS-stop, Hollies.

32. Haagen Dazs vs Baskin Robbins ~ Haagen Dazs.

33. flu vs diarrhea ~ One FLU over the cuckoo’s nest

34. blue vs pink ~ Love is BLUE , In memory of Paul Mauriat (1925~2006) #1 hit in USA for 5 weeks in 1968.

35. chicken vs duck ~ chicken little.

36. dawn vs dusk ~ Knock Three Times with Tony Orlando until DAWN.

37. Tiger Woods vs Nicole David ~ Nicole David.

38. Gmail vs Yahoo email ~ Gmail.

39. book smarts vs street smarts ~ street smarts.

40. foongpc's travel posts vs ghost story posts ~ foongpc’s travel posts.

41. Flute vs Saxophone ~ don’t flirt only a Sax-maniac

Now if you are interested to win a prize from foongpc, here's how. Follow the instructions carefully.

1. Copy the whole list from 1 - 41 and paste it on your blog.

2. State your preference/answer for each one of them.
eg. 41. Flute vs Saxophone ~ Sax-maniac

3. Mention this is a tag from CheaHS@n and link it to my blog.

4. Add one more topic (Topic no.42) to the list of 41 and your answer.

5. After you have put up your post in your blog, return here and leave a comment with the URL of your post.

Foongpc will enter all who participate into a lucky draw. There will be 3 winners!! But hurry! Contest ends 15th March 2010. Good luck!!

*This contest is open to Malaysians and Singaporeans only. International bloggers are welcomed to join provided they are Entrecard members.