Thursday, January 8, 2009

፨ ARCHIES, Sugar Sugar

"Sugar, Sugar" was the number one single of the year, according to ‘Billboard’, a feat yet to be duplicated by any other fictional band. It spent four weeks at the top of the ‘Billboard Hot 100’ from September 20, 1969 and eight weeks at the top of the ‘UK singles chart’ . The Archies, originally released on the album 'Everything's Archie' and later re-named "Sugar Sugar", however, it was only available on an 8-track tape. The album is the product of a group of studio musicians managed by Don Kirshner. Produced by Jeff Barry and written by Barry and Andy Kim, "Sugar, Sugar" is considered the canonical example of the bubblegum pop musical genre. Rumors have circulated that the song was earlier offered to and recorded by The Monkees with Davy Jones providing all the vocals, but never released.
The song listed at #63 on 'Billboard's Greatest Songs' of all time.
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