Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The Hues Corporation was a pop and soul trio formed at Santa Monica California in 1969. They are best known for their 1974 hit, "Rock the Boat". The group's name was a pun on the Hughes Corporation, with the 'hue' being the group's African-American heritage. The band's members were St. Clair Lee (born Bernard St. Clair Lee, 24 April 1944, San Francisco, California), Flemming Williams and Ann Kelley. The original choice for the group's name was The Children of Howard Hughes, which their record label turned down.

The group's first big break came in 1972 when they were invited to appear in the blaxploitation film, Blacula, starring William Marshall. They were also asked to record three songs for the film's soundtrack; "There He Is Again", "What The World Knows" and "I'm Gonna Catch You". Shortly after, RCA signed the group and their first single, "Freedom For The Stallion",  from the album of the same name, became a moderate hit, Reaching #63 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The follow-up single, "Rock the Boat," became a #1 hit on the Billboard chart and the group's signature song. "Rock the Boat" was written by Waldo Holmes, who also wrote the Blacula songs, and released in the U.S. In February 1974 and in the UK in July that year. [wikipedia]

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