Tuesday, July 21, 2009

൪ LOVE AFFAIR, Everlasting Love|Rainbow Valley|A Day Without Love|One Road|Bringing On Back The Good Times|Wake Me I'm Dreaming|

Love Affair were a London based pop, soul, R&B group formed in 1966. They had several UK Singles Chart Top 10 hits, including the number one success "Everlasting Love". Their first single, "She Smiled Sweetly", written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, released on Decca Records flopped, but they reached the top of the UK Singles Chart in January 1968 with "Everlasting Love". By this time the group had relocated to CBS Records. The song was first recorded by Robert Knight, whose version had reached No. 13 in the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the autumn of 1967, and it was previously offered to the Marmalade, who turned it down as they thought it too pop-oriented for them.

Four further Top 20 hits followed, "Rainbow Valley #6" , "A Day Without Love #6" (both 1968), "One Road#16" and "Bringing On Back The Good Times #9" (both 1969). Love Affair sold more singles in 1968 in the UK than any other band, except for The Beatles. At the end of that year they released an album, Everlasting Love Affair.

The band primarily featured the following —
Steve Ellis (born Stephen John Ellis, 7 April 1950, Edgware, London) — (vocals)
Rex Brayley (born Rex Charles Brayley, 3 January 1948, London) — (guitar)
Lynton Guest (born 28 November 1951, Leicester) — (keyboards 1967 to 1968)
Morgan Fisher (born Stephen Morgan Fisher, 1 January 1950, Mayfair, London) — (keyboardist from 1968 to 1971)
Maurice Bacon (born 26 January 1952, Southgate, London) — (drummer)
Mick Jackson (born Michael Jackson, 27 January 1950, Bradford, Yorkshire) — (bass)

My Love Affair with music and that's how it started with this very song that sparked the whole blog affair, that's how the blog title came about but later trimmed to 'Bringing Back The Good Times' after a great suggestion by a fellow blogger himself, my buddy Justin Choo.

As Ellis wrote in the booklet notes to a later compilation CD, Singles A's and B's, "In an attempt to break the mould we recorded a song far removed from the anthemic-like previous hits. The song was called "Baby I Know". Released at the end of 1969, competing with releases from other big names for a place in the charts over Christmas, it failed completely. Ellis felt the band had run its course, and he left in December 1969 for a solo career: "It felt like a mountain had been lifted from my shoulders". The rest of the band soldiered on without any further success, continuing briefly as LA with new vocalist, August Eadon (aka Gus Yeadon). Further releases likewise never charted. [wikipedia]


Pete said...

Only know Mick Jagger leh....wah this band must be very long aledy!

CheaHS@n said...

Pete not that very long in the late 60s I was not born then..heehee lol