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൯ ROD STEWART, Maggie Mae|Reason To Believe|Sailing|First Cut Is The Deepest|You're In My Heart|I Don't Want To Talk About It|Do You Think I'm Sexy|Baby Jane|Have I Told You Lately|I Was Only Joking|

Roderick David "Rod" Stewart, CBE (born 10 January 1945) is a British singer-songwriter born and raised in London, England and currently residing in Epping. From busker to superstar with his distinctive raspy singing voice made himself a big name in the late 1960s and early '70s with The Jeff Beck Group and then Faces.

Lyrics | Rod Stewart lyrics - Maggie May lyrics

Stewart's 1971 solo album Every Picture Tells a Story made him a household name when the B-side of his minor hit "Reason to Believe", "Maggie May", started receiving radio play. The album and the single hit number one in both the US and the UK simultaneously, a chart first, in September. "Maggie May" was also named in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll, which is one of three songs by him to appear on that list.

Rod Stewart live at Royal Albert Hall

The first single, a cover of the Sutherland Brothers song "Sailing", was a number one hit in the UK, but it only reached the Top 60 of the US charts. The single returned to the UK Top 10 a year later when used as the theme music for a BBC documentary series about HMS Ark Royal, and having been a hit twice over became, and remains, Stewart's biggest-selling single in the UK.

"The First Cut Is the Deepest", a cover of a Cat Stevens song, went Top 30 in the US in 1977 and number one in the UK. Rod Stewart at Royal Albert hall.

"You're In My Heart" was the hit single, reaching number four in the US.

Whoa.. Amy Belle she is simply gorgeous. Stewart was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1994. On 31 December on the same year he played in front on 3.5 million people on Copacabana beach in Rio.

The legendary rock star Stewart with his career in its sixth decade, has achieved numerous solo hit singles worldwide, most notably in the UK, where he has garnered six consecutive number one albums and his tally of 62 hit singles include 31 that reached the top 10, six of which gained the number one position. He has had 16 top ten singles in the USA, with four of these reaching number one. He has sold over 130 million records worldwide,and is one of the best selling british singers of all time. He was voted at #33 in Q Magazine's list of the top 100 Greatest Singers of all time. [wikipedia]

He has got a nickname called "Rod the Mod" Stewart, from his dandyish style of grooming and dress.

Live in Lisboa on june 1st 2008


reanaclaire said...

I am sailing, I am sailing, through the dark clouds, far away...
I am sailing, lonely waters,
To be near you, to be freee....

Hope i got the lyrics right.. I love some of his songs too.. Rod, i mean..

Pete said...

The rocking Grandpa! My favourite Karaoke song Have I told you lately!

CheaHS@n said...

reanaclaire ~ "I am sailing, I am sailing,
home again 'cross the sea.
I am sailing, stormy waters,
to be near you, to be free. ". Not bad eh.. One of my fav song too. thanks.

pete ~ rocking Grandpa! Told me about what? How to rock like Grandpa? haha. thanks.

manglish said...

i love his " I was only joking" hehe...and the album where he resang all the oldies, i forgot the name of the album, ehhh, great american song book? or something

CheaHS@n said...

manglish ~ got it! its "Stardust: The Great American Songbook". There are 3 Vol. You memory did'nt fail you eh merely missed out 'Stardust'. Just added in your song dedicated to your marvelous memory. Cheers.

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

He's till rocking well! maybe he should come to Malaysia and rock round the clock!!

CheaHS@n said...

Keats The Sunshine Girl ~ yeah the rocking grandpa live in Malaysia how nice.

HappySurfer said...

Great collection, CheaHSan. Thanks.

Say, that's a nice masthead of the old Petaling Street. Just noticed.