Monday, October 5, 2009

ø THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY, I Think I Love You|I'll Meet You Halfway|Does'nt Somebody Want To Be Wanted|I Woke Up In Love This Morning|Point Me In The Direction|

The Partridge Family was another fictional musical group with 'Ron Hicklin Singers and Wrecking Crew' as studio musicians behind the scene. David Cassidy was originally to lip sync with the rest of the cast, but somehow managed to convince the producer to be lead singer, a golden opportunity to be teen idol. The TV shows was a great success and as a band the actual hit songs gained instant popularity. The cast of Partridge Family with Shirley Jones as the mom, eldest son Keith played by David Cassidy (also Jones' real-life stepson), Susan Dey as Laurie, Danny Bonaduce as Danny, Jeremy Gelbwaks as Chris and Suzanne Crough as Tracy. Dave Madden played Reuben Kincaid, who was their manager and family friend.

Whoa! My most favourite song 'I Think I Love You', The Partridge Family's biggest hit in 1970 which began climbing in September and peaked at Number 1 on the Billboard charts in December of that year. A companion LP, The Partridge Family Album, reached Number 4. Other Partridge singles, "I'll Meet You Halfway", "Doesn't Somebody Want To Be Wanted", and "I Woke Up in Love This Morning" would also chart high on Billboard. The theme songs "When We're Singing" and its successor "C'Mon, Get Happy", as well as album cuts "I Can Feel Your Heartbeat" and "Point Me In The Direction Of Albuquerque", also became popular favorites. Despite the "Bubblegum pop" label and prefabricated nature of the "band", the Partridge Family's records sold very well. [wikipedia]


reanaclaire said...

hey....remember the Brady Bunch?? i love that too.. heheee.. now slowly slowly can bring back old memories.. all black white series..

CheaHS@n said...

Claire ~ glad you are reminiscing the good old times.I have got another blog on retro movies and TV themes might be able to gather some of your favorite black & white tv series.

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