Friday, November 20, 2009

മ THE POINTER SISTERS, Yes We Can Can|Wang Dang Doodle|He's So Shy|Slow Hand||Jump|Neutron Dance|Freedom|

The Pointer Sisters are an American Pop/R&B recording artiste from Oakland, California that achieved mainstream success during the 1970s and 1980s. The trio consisting of Anita, June, and Ruth, after Bonnie left the group.

The first single from this album (as well as the first song on side A), a funk cover of "Yes We Can Can", reached number 11 on the pop charts, and would go on to establish itself as an R&B classic. The album's second single was a cover of Willie Dixon's Blues stomper "Wang Dang Doodle". It reached the R&B top 40 and the group's thrift shop style began to catch on with fans, many of whom would attend their shows in similar attire.

In 1980 the soulful pop single, "He's So Shy", reached number three on the charts, and the following year a slow, sultry ballad, "Slow Hand", reached number two.

Lyrics | Pointer Sisters lyrics - He's So Shy lyrics

Lyrics | Pointer Sisters lyrics - Slow Hand lyrics

In 1983, the Pointer Sisters released what became their biggest-selling album ever with Break Out. In 1983 Ruth had also become a grandmother for the first time. With the advent of MTV the sisters were able to exploit their visual style and extend their audience. In 1984 they achieved four Billboard Hot 100 top 10 singles in a row. "Automatic" reached #5; "Jump (for My Love)" reached #3; a remix of "I'm So Excited" was added to the album almost a year into its shelf life and reached #9; and another single from the album, "Neutron Dance", also featured on the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack, reached #6. [Wikipedia]


reanaclaire said...

i love slow hand and he's so shy.. love them really.. he's so shy reminds me of a party during my younger days.. we love to dance to that song..

CheaHS@n said...

reanaclaire ~ he's so shy but you were bold eh!!!glad you like em.:p

CheaHS@n said...

reanaclaire ~ have just added the lyrics for the two songs that you like best.